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Explore this environmental website to discover the initiatives that have made Forever Resorts a national environmental leader.

Forever Resorts estimates it conservatively touches more than 20 million people every year through their domestic resort operations. As a leader in the hospitality industry, this offers a unique opportunity to extend their environmental ethic to others so visitors may learn from their experiences and return home with a new knowledge of environmental responsibility.

As a hospitality business, Forever Resorts procures hundreds of thousands of items every year through thousands of suppliers, artists and vendors. Realizing they too can impact the environment and touch many others Forever Resorts developed an extensive and comprehensive environmental health and safety management program called Forever Earth that encompasses every Forever Resorts property, it's partners, stakeholders, team members, public outreach, guests, and interactions with suppliers and vendors.

Forever Resorts' goals and environmental commitments are communicated to every vendor and supplier they work with, or could work with and have released over 10,000 notices to vendors in nearly every state in the United States informing them of those goals and commitments. A green rating criteria was established to give preference to vendors and suppliers that offer products containing recycled content and are recyclable that reduce waste, demonstrates environmental business practices, lessens the environmental footprint of doing business and highlights regional merchandising themes. This program has been in place since 2003 with progressive results ever since.

As a company, Forever Resorts believes in offering a helping hand to others as they take on the difficult challenges of moving beyond environmental compliance. By working with local communities near their properties, Forever Resorts supports non-profit environmental organizations through a donation program. By sharing their technical expertise and lessons learned, many additional companies will be trained and benefited within the hospitality, tourism and marine industries as well as their government partners in national and state parks, forests, recreational areas and communities where they operate.

Environmental compliance is a fundamental commitment across every property of Forever Resorts. They have established Forever Earth processes to ensure all of their properties are fully compliant with regulatory obligations and local community agreements. Forever Resorts believes that as an environmental leader they must go far beyond regulatory obligations and seek out new technologies and methodologies to lesson their burden on the environment. By establishing strong initiatives in both of these areas Forever Resorts will continue to expand and strengthen these programs in every way possible.

Explore the Forever Earth environmental website to discover the initiatives that have made Forever Resorts a national environmental leader, demonstrating they "walk their environmental talk" in the ways they do business. Forever Resorts welcomes comments and ideas and invites anyone to contact their national coordinator with comments, thoughts and suggestions at any time.